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Happy 40th, Washington Lawyers for the Arts!

By October 6, 2016March 28th, 2022Learning How to Be a Publisher


We were so honored to pitch in and sponsor tonight’s membership party for the Washington Lawyers for the Arts. While we’re new to group, as a long-time artist in Seattle I had always thought going to their legal workshops would have been a good idea. Well, nothing like finally having mostly boring book contracts to get done to finally get us to sign up! And fair use when when working with artists involved in collage and securing rights seems like a good thing to know more about, eh?

Here’s why we support and are members of Washington Lawyers for the Arts:

    Every artist needs legal knowledge to grow and control their creative work.
    Every artist, regardless of ability to pay, deserves to have the best legal advice possible.
    The creative community of Seattle and Washington State is built and strengthened with this legal work.

It is really that simple. Here’s hoping for another great 40 years! Happy Birthday!

Here's the view from the party at the top of the Columbia Tower!

Here’s the view from the party at the top of the Columbia Tower!