The ERB Emerging Visions Filmmaker Award is meant to encourage the growth and development of women artists and technicians traditionally underrepresented in the film and digital industry. In particular, through this award we seek to foster connections between these young creators and the artists and writers working on our books in ways that build confidence, skills, and provide a realistic glimpse of how working artists create and collaborate (and have day jobs).

In 2018, we are seeking women and women-identified filmmakers or digital artists in Washington State high schools or colleges to create a short film in collaboration with Seattle writers J.W. Marshall and Christine Deavel for their forthcoming play, Vicinity/Memoryall.

The play follows two characters in search of a memorial as they navigate the drastically changing landscape of their booming city. The memorial they seek marks the site of the fatal shooting of a Native American man by a police officer. During their efforts, they are misdirected to two other memorials for victims of violence, leading them to wrestle with the questions of why we memorialize, as well as who and how we memorialize (or forget), particularly in the face of pervasiveness violence. At all three memorials, they must decide how to physically respond to the sites, in one case singing a song, in the next creating a simple dance, and in the last by performing a bold and unsettling act. Threaded throughout the play are haunting and lyrical monologues by a character who acts as a bridge between the audience and the story. Vicinty/Memoryall is an approximately 80-minute play requiring few props, and a relatively simple setting. In addition to the three main characters are four smaller supporting roles.

Award Amount: $500



To be considered for this award, please submit no more than three links to previous videos or digital experiences of which you have been the primary creator. Read the above description of the play carefully, then write a paragraph or two on your interest in the project and your ideas for a short film or digital experience. Please limit yourself to no more than 500 words and/or five story boards. We are looking for a work we can share on our YouTube channel and/or as part of a digital download with the book. The artist will retain rights to their creation. We are cognizant this is not much money and are quite comfortable with short work. We are expecting the final piece to be under five minutes.

PLEASE NOTE, we are NOT interested in a film that describes or excerpts the play or includes interviews with its authors. We want to see a creative interpretation of some of the issues raised by the play; for example — What does it mean to memorialize? How are spontaneous memorials such as those found on a roadside different from civic memorials? Why do some deaths get a half-masted flag while others do not? What should we do at a memorial? How long should a memorial last? How do we live in a world of daily horrors where memorials are constantly being made? How would you want to be memorialized? How would you memorialize someone taken from you?

Please submit via email to entreriosbooks@gmail.com. Videos and proposals will be reviewed by the writers and publisher for originality, the elusive “good fit,” and feasibility. We will notify the recipient of this award no later than February 1, at which time we will require a recommendation by an advisor, teacher, or program director on the ability of the selected artist to complete the work by September 15. We want to ensure that the student has access to the tools they need to complete this project in this timeframe. Upon receipt of the recommendation, we will provide the student with a copy of Vicinity/Memoryall and the opportunity to work with John and Christine as we head toward publication. The student’s film will be premiered at the book’s launch and shown at readings for other Entre Rios books to be published in the late fall of 2018.

We look forward to hearing from you!

2017 ERB Emerging Visions Filmmaker Award Film by Rebecca Starkey: here.
2017 ERB Emerging Visions Filmmaker Award Submission Guidelines: here.