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“All the Marys”: A review by Hannah VanderHart

By May 18, 2018Reviews

“This is not a white-washed collection of lyric-narratives—rather, Mueller’s work enacts historical-poetic recovery. Mary’s Dust is a stay against that particularly American vice contemporary historians discuss: amnesia (in this case, the individual histories of slaves and the achievements of persons of color). Mueller does not let us forget, but weaves her poetry as tapestries, so that we can also look and see.”

Hannah VanderHart writes about Mary’s Dust recently in the U > Read the Full Review here: Up the Staircase “All the Marys”.

In the review, Ms. VanderHart offers a lengthy quote from “Ledger.” We think this is one of the most intense poems of the last year and so we’d like you to get a chance to hear and see it in its entirety…and we include the full text at our Sound Cloud page.

And here is the somber note for the poem.