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A first review for “Woodland”

By May 23, 2019Reviews

Woodland’s poems feel dark, romantic and sultry, and they include strong ecological imagery that’ll leave you swooning after every page. Throw in images of partially burned sheet music…and the haunting melodies of keyboardist Aaron Otheim… and you’ve got yourself one hell of a book… Readers will instinctively know Woodland is about climate catastrophe, but they’ll also come to recognize a deep-rooted warning in Gardner’s poems: there is beauty coiled in danger, and we must look at it dead-on. 

We are delighted that our first review for Woodland comes from our area’s local press and so a huge THANK YOU to Christina Butcher for her reading and Tacoma’s Weekly Volcano for carrying book reviews.

The full review is here: Electric and fire-filled books

In it, she mentions the poem and music from “A Swift Willing Light”— you can hear that on Soundcloud for free.

And finally, Christina runs an incredible small press herself and you should check it out— Blue Cactus Press!!!