Knox Gardner

Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

I am interested in collaboration and how we can reflect that process and reality in our books.

Years ago, when I needed to know how to collaborate to move my writing forward, I did not know how. And for an almost decade I barely wrote completely at a loss and mystified. So in that spirit, I find it interesting to promote collaborations to highlight how it is central to artistic creation.

I'm mostly an autodidact when it comes to poetry, and thankfully, I have been so fortunate to have Open Books: A Poetry Emporium in town with their excellent guides. I'm currently interested in the English Romantics, and in particular, John Clare. My passions have included Paul Celan, Anne Carson, Ann Lauterbauch, Leslie Scalapino, Aaron Shurrin (whom I still can't believe we got to publish!), Carol Snow, Frank O'Hara, Charles Olson, Jack Spicer, and Alan Grossman. While I read a lot of poetry, I read even more non-fiction.

I never finished college, but I have had many types of jobs. My idea of fun is a three-mile Hopscotch course.

My main jam beyond poetry is driving around in our old Westy and I am very interested in contemporary dance.

Victor Chudnovsky


If Knox has the braun, Victor has the brains!

Victor has as Ph.D in Theoretical Nuclear Physics from M.I.T. It's thanks to his genius and coding skills that we can keep infusing money into our press as we try to find out if there are ways to break even.

While he's very behind the scenes, you'll have a good chance of meeting him working at our book selling table at events and he's part of our proofing team on every book. He also lends a hand at spreadsheets when needed. He loves spreadsheets in a way that Knox does not.

His main interest is writing political essays and working toward Universal Basic Income.

Erin McCoy

Acquisitions Editor: Argentinian Translations

Erin L. McCoy is a Seattle-based poet, scholar, book editor, and educator in Spanish and Latin American literature and creative writing. She is also an award-winning photojournalist. Her poem, “Futures,” was selected by Natalie Diaz to be published in Best New Poets 2017. Her work has also appeared in Bennington Review, Pleiades, DIAGRAM, Cimarron Review, CURA, and other publications.

Erin holds an MFA in Poetry and an MA in Hispanic Studies from the University of Washington. She has been the recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship, a Critical Languages Scholarship, the University of Washington’s Grace Milliman Pollock Scholarship, and the Oakley Hall III Memorial Scholarship to attend the Community of Writers in Squaw Valley, California, among other awards. She is from Louisville, Kentucky.