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Entre Ríos Books

We are a micro-press based out of Seattle, Washington. We publish collaborations between poets and artists of all types. We also have an interest in publishing contemporary Argentinian poetry in translation and supporting writers with an interest in Argentinian culture and Jewish history in Latin America.

We are currently not accepting unsolicited proposals for collaboration projects. We are, however, always interested in being contacted by translators working with Argentinian writers. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to be kept up-to-date on our calls for work.

The Chudnovsky Residency

Live and write in Buenos Aires for free. Well, rent-free. We will begin accepting applications and queries on the Chudnovsky Residency in spring of 2018. To find out when our applications are available, please subscribe to our RSS feed, like us on Facebook, or sign up for our mailing list.

Address: 733 25th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144
Phone: +206 351 5759

Why “Entre Ríos” for a publishing company in Seattle?

Indeed, Entre Lagos would be more fitting for publisher based out of Seattle. Entre Ríos is a province in Argentina west of Buenos Aires and was one of three major destinations for Jewish immigrants escaping the pogroms of Russia and Ukraine at the end of the 19th Century.  So we take our name to honor some of our family history and ties to Argentina, but also to remain inspired of that potential of being “between rivers.”

Transparency on How We’re Doing This

Tech money, pure and simple. Through the good fortune of working in tech in one of the country’s major tech hubs, we’re taking a bit of that money and the freedom that comes with not needing a double income and working to promote that most under-valued and difficult art form: contemporary poetry.  Freed from the absolute need to make money and to spend time managing grants and writing reports to the board or funders, we can publish books that otherwise make little market sense just because we believe strongly in them. It is one of the reasons we are publishing collaborations and in color as neither is readily available to poets to creatively explore in the “marketplace” as it is.

The Chudnovsky Residency program allows us to share our connections to Argentina and is offset by vacation rentals during times we have no resident in place.

We are deeply inspired by other writers sharing their resources with writers of less means and access, such as Éireann Lorsung and Miel Books out of Belgium. We raise our hands to say, “Yes! We can do that too!”