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Our New Ad in Poetry NW

By Advertising

Back from a bit of vacation and the holidays (while also freaking out about the inaguration), it was a pleasure to get the new issue of Poetry Northwest. A huge shout out to the editors over there as they scrambled to get an ad in for us while we were abroad.

The new issue looks great. It’s the first time, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Alan Chong Lau’s art work in color with his poetry. My favorites in this issue incluce Leah Poole Osowski “Motives Around Human Vacancy” and Mark Wagenaar’s “Landscape Rising from Crow Eyes (Ornithomancy). I like the line in Derek Mong’s “Letter in a Bottle for When the Seas Rise.”

Excited to Support Poetry NW!

By Advertising

Entre Rios Books Ad Poetry NorthwestOur second ad is out in the new issues of Poetry Northwest! Lot’s of good stuff in it including some Carl Philips and Felicia Zamora. We’re also fans of Brian Tierney, so nice to see new work by him. This issue has a focus on translation, so I am looking forward to spending more time sitting out in the garden and thinking. We’re interested and planning on bringing out bilingual editions of contemporary Argentinian poetry in 2108, so as always, if you or someone you know, is working on translating this work, we would love to hear from you.