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Karinna Gomez at Davidson Galleries

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karinna-gomez-reception-davidson-galleries Ok, ok, we took terrible pictures of this event! Why do we not have any pictures of Karinna talking about her art? Why did we not interview her on video about it? Oh, the things to learn as a new publisher.

We want to thank everyone that came down to look at the prints at Karinna Gomez’s Artist Reception at Davidson Galleries. We will note that if you enjoy the art in The After, and you are in Seattle, it is well worth your time to go look at Davidson Galleries selection of Karinna’s work. Our printer did a wonderful job with very difficult prints, but the originals have a glow and detail that the book lacks due to the nature of mezzotints.

Davidson Galleries
313 Occidental Ave South, Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 624-7684

Scores in Poetry Books

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Our thought is that perhaps this doesn’t happen enough. We will be printing a score by Syrinx Effect in our next book, The After. This piece, “Song for Dead Sparrows” was commissioned for the book. It is, in turns, discordant, angry, somber, and mysterious: it’s modern jazz! We love and it and think you will too.

During our reading events this fall, we will be giving out full size replicas of the original hand-drawn score by saxophonist, Kate Olson. So you will want to check out our Facebook page, entreriosbooks, for all the current readings.

And as a note, the thing I am absolutely finding most challenging in publishing is the long printing and marketing deadlines and planning required to pull it off. Mostly a vast struggle! But behold, this piece is back from the printer three months before we need it! Success! Now to get that book out the door.

Kate Olson Syrinx Effect Jazz The After

Afternoon Romantics: Reading from the Romantic Era

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Several years ago, I started working on a  book about John Clare, an English second-generation Romantic poet. He knew of Keats (not terribly impressed) and as he was went mad, sometimes thought he was Lord Byron. I’d never given much though to the Romantics and had managed to work through a four-year degree on English Literature without taking a single class on them. Truth is they seemed rather dull and much too rhymey for my youthful taste.

As I’ve mentioned this book to friends and neighbors, unsurprisingly, I get a lot of arched eyebrows or blank stares. Not many of heard of him or have much of an interest in two hundred year-old poems. Occasionally, however, someone’s eyes would widen and they’d start swooning about how one of these poets and how their work inspired them or changed the way they approached the world.

For our first, of what we hope to be seasonal salons, I invited not only some Seattle poets, but also, many of these neighbors to come share why the Romantic poets so moved them. What is it about this era and the poems from it that still resonates today? Afternoon Romantics featured ten readers, each reading five minutes, from their favorite Romantic era writer or something from the time period that personally interested them. We had a wide range of writing and writers, and as it turned out, no Clare.

Thank You!

A very gracious thank you to all of our readers and listeners for our first reading salon in our home. It was inspiring to hear so many voices, not only yours, but those of the past in our home.

We’re looking forward to another one of these salon events later this spring. We’re figuring a down home North Carolina barbecue would taste about right while listening to the Black Mountain College writers. For all the latest updates on our readings and events, please follow along on Facebook: entreriosbooks.

Scenes from the “Twelve Saints” Book Launch

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Not only were we celebrating and reading from Twelve Saints, but we were also excited to share the first book from our press! You only get to do that once!

Thanks to everyone that came out! We had so much fun hosting a little reading in our home, that we’re planning on doing it again…soon. Please look at our Facebook page for the most current news and the invite for our readings. https://www.facebook.com/entreriosbooks/

Twelve Saints Book Launch

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Learn more about our first book, Twelve Saints, with reading by poet Knox Gardner and discussion on the collaboration with artist Nia Michaels. We will have books for sale and copious amounts of coffee and cake in the intimate setting of the author’s home.

We will have books available for signing and Nia Michaels will be showing a selection of her art, including several of the Saints featured in this book, available for sale. We will be able to accept cash or credit cards.

Twelve Saints Book Launch

Thursday, November 5

Doors open at 7:00, reading and discussion from 7:30 to 8:00, cake and book signing from 8:00 to 9:00 pm.

733 25th Ave S
Seattle, WA 98144

Our Facebook event page

Twelve Saints Book Cover