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Maya Jewell Zeller & Ellen Welcker at Open Books!

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Thanks to everyone that came out for our first reading of Alchemy for Cells & Other Beasts in Seattle. And hurrah for Ellen Welcker joining in…her newest book was slightly delayed, you will want to find it at Open Books early next year.

One of the bonuses of last night was that we got to finally meet Rebecca Starkey, our first Emerging Visions Filmmaker Award winner. See her film HERE.

Photo of everyone by Gabrielle Bates of Open Books.

Ellen Welcker, Maya Jewell Zeller, Carrie DeBacker, Rebecca Starkey at Open Books

Aaron Shurin at Open Books

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It’s not every day that one gets to introduce their first poetry crush. The truth is I started to tear up in my rambling introduction to Aaron Shurin!

It has been such a great honor to publish his work.

Thanks to Alex Vigue, who just had his first chapbook, The Myth of Man, published by our friends at Floating Bridge Press for opening the evening. And, of course, Open Books for being a fantastic host.

Aaron Shurin at Open Books

Recommended reading from Aaron Shurin (except that Clare is well, my own issue).

Karinna Gomez at Davidson Galleries

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karinna-gomez-reception-davidson-galleries Ok, ok, we took terrible pictures of this event! Why do we not have any pictures of Karinna talking about her art? Why did we not interview her on video about it? Oh, the things to learn as a new publisher.

We want to thank everyone that came down to look at the prints at Karinna Gomez’s Artist Reception at Davidson Galleries. We will note that if you enjoy the art in The After, and you are in Seattle, it is well worth your time to go look at Davidson Galleries selection of Karinna’s work. Our printer did a wonderful job with very difficult prints, but the originals have a glow and detail that the book lacks due to the nature of mezzotints.

Davidson Galleries
313 Occidental Ave South, Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 624-7684

Scores in Poetry Books

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Our thought is that perhaps this doesn’t happen enough. We will be printing a score by Syrinx Effect in our next book, The After. This piece, “Song for Dead Sparrows” was commissioned for the book. It is, in turns, discordant, angry, somber, and mysterious: it’s modern jazz! We love and it and think you will too.

During our reading events this fall, we will be giving out full size replicas of the original hand-drawn score by saxophonist, Kate Olson. So you will want to check out our Facebook page, entreriosbooks, for all the current readings.

And as a note, the thing I am absolutely finding most challenging in publishing is the long printing and marketing deadlines and planning required to pull it off. Mostly a vast struggle! But behold, this piece is back from the printer three months before we need it! Success! Now to get that book out the door.

Kate Olson Syrinx Effect Jazz The After