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Aaron Shurin: A Lovely Personal Review

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Aaron Shurin Full Stop ReviewWhile, the mention of “Flowers & Sky: Two Talks” is really just an aside for a longer review of Aaron’s previous book, “The Skin of Meaning”, I thought this review/conversation/tribute is quite lovely.

“…it’s his ability to create beauty, to literally invoke it, that has most captivated me. He is a Romantic Poet in an era eviscerated of romance.”

Yep. And a hero to many for his embrace of it and all the swoon.


Our First Review! (and it’s for Aaron Shurin)

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We were delight to see our first review and, more so, since it is a good one by Daniel Casey on Heavy Feather Review.

Here’s a stab at an excerpt:

Intensely interrogative… Shurin has created a body of work sparked by the low and inspired by the high… always spiraling more and more poetic thought… Once he has given us his flowers of the field talk, Shurin raises his head skyward. It is a wonderfully balanced maneuver, giving us a parallel of particular with universal… Shurin keeps his focus on the revelations in each governing image… At once literary criticism and memoir, “Flowers & Sky” gives cutting insight into the poetic process illuminating for readers and writers alike.


Our First Press Mention: Awww, a School Paper!

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Fantastic! We were so delighted to have our first lengthy press mention in a school newspaper.  Sure, the New York Times would be nice, but what is best is that this where so many young people learn writing skills and these are our future journalists, novelist, and story-tellers.  We thank SAAS student, Bianca, for asking some good questions of Melinda Mueller and the process behind, The After.

“Mueller said she began thinking about the idea for this book back in 1985 while on a class retreat with her students on the Oregon Coast. She describes the moment of inspiration in detail, “One evening we were sitting out just after sunset on the beach, full moon behind us rising, stars like crazy above us. But way out at sea in front of us there was a huge thunderstorm… one of my students says to me, ‘Are there any other species that look at something like this and think about how beautiful it is?’” Mueller says she believes that may be one of the traits that make humans unique. She says it inspired her when her student suggested that perhaps humans are a “test for everything.”

Read the whole essay here on the Seattle Academy site: “Melinda Mueller Publishes “The After,” A Poetic Look at the Sixth Extinction”