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Five months on SPD Bestseller list!

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January 2018 SPD Poetry Best Seller List

We want to thank all the readers finding our books and sharing them with other passionate readers of poetry!

It was a great surprise and delight to find that five months after publication, we still have books on our distributor’s best seller list!

Check out the list and the other fantastic books and publishers here: SPD Best Seller List.

Alchemy for Cells in the High Desert Journal

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“Zeller and DeBacker present a visual jigsaw puzzle, one that ultimately paints a scene of a roaring and whispering beast alongside a “sweet girl made of March light through a seed pod,” alongside watercolor hummingbirds, and hammers for heads—a book of undeniable strangeness. It delves without fear, or, rather, with a reasonably wild fear, into our increasingly unpredictable climate situation and our currently harrowing political climate”— Tor Strand on Alchemy for Cells & Other Beasts

Read the full review in the High Desert Journal.

Melinda Mueller and Lori Goldston at Elliot Bay Books

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It was a real treat tonight to once again get Melinda and Lori together to read and perform from Mary’s Dust. Thanks to Elliot Bay Books for hosting this event!

Quite an opener!

Melinda Mueller and Lori Goldston at Elliot Bay Books

Melinda Mueller and Lori Goldston

Lori Goldston playing “Songs for Mary’s Dust”

Melinda Mueller signing books

Interesting Narrow Format

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Iperborea Italian Norwegian Book Format

It’s been interesting scanning bookstores in Milan. The covers are generally more sedate than trends in US book covers. One thing I very much liked were these skinny paperbacks. They measure 4″ x 7.75″ and for certain types of poetry or prose poems, could be very eye-cathing and fun.

I picked this book up at Tempo Ritrovato Libri in Milan, which is a very nice bookstore specializing in Small Press books.

Publisher of this translation is Iperborea Casa Editrice.

Visiting our Distributor, SPD

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Taking a much needed day off after three book launches in three different cities, we hoped on the BART and went to yet another city! Ha!

All I can say is I forget how hot and lovely it can be in San Francisco in October, when the weather has turned toward winter in Seattle.

We had a nice chat with Brent, Laura, and met the whole gang that has been helping us come up to speed with having a distributor. We did not get to see where our books FLY OFF THE SHELVES and into the hands of readers, but recognize some places are just better left to ones imagination. We did see endless shelves of small press books tended with care by this so important non-profit. Our literary scene would be so diminished without them.


Small Press Distribution: you can order books directly from them.

Visiting SPD! Brent and Laura with the Entre Ríos team!

Book Launch for Mary’s Dust

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We were pleased to once again be hosted by the Seattle Academy for Arts and Sciences for the book launch for Mary’s Dust, new poems by Melinda Mueller and music by Lori Goldston.

We also premiered the new film by Christian Anderson about the book! SEE IT HERE.

This space is definitely my favorite in town for holding a reading and a party! Perfect space downstairs, nice mixing space upstairs!

Thanks for everyone who came out in the blustery, terrible weather. What a stormy night!

Spokane! Book Launch for Alchemy for Cells & Other Beasts

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We had our first book event out of Seattle! A fantastic evening with Maya Jewell Zeller and Carrie DeBacker with special musical guest Liz Rognes.

The Bartlett is a fantastic space in Spokane and the folks their easy to work with and great problem-solvers when it came to our film we wanted to show. It could not have gone better! So thanks!

And thanks to all the listeners and readers in Spokane that came out for the show.

First Lit Press Mention…

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Now we were excited that our first “review” was in a school paper because that is awesome… but it is a delight to also get our first mention in a dedicated lit site.  Thanks to Denise Hill at New Pages for finding our combination of including audio with all of our books an interesting approach. I always learn something new about a poem when I hear an author read it and it is our hope that by including audio with our books, you will too! Read the full blurb here.

On our 2017 books, you’ll find a simple password in the back of the book, which you can enter on our site to access the download file. For our early books, you can download those without a password.  Take a listen here.

You can also listen to samples on our SoundCloud page (though rumor is they are running out of money and may close down soon!). LISTEN TO SOUNDCLOUD.