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Ellensburg Poetry Prowl

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Victor and I travelled out to the Ellensburg Poetry Prowl in support of our authors, Melinda Mueller and Maya Jewell Zeller. They were on the same panel, “Strange Alchemy: When Women Collaborate”, which also included other Northwest poets Katharine Whitcomb, Elizabeth Vignali, and Kami Westhoff. I would have loved more time in this session to listen to conversation between the women. Alas, while this has got to be one of the fiercest and most time-conscious festivals I have been it, which I appreciate, the sessions all had a lot of readers, and so there was not much time to really absorb any one reader.

I enjoyed hearing Robert Lashley very much and such a treat to spend any time at all at Dick & Jane’s Art Spot.

Oddly enough, I never took out my phone, so the few pictures we have are Victor’s. So instead I’ll share a few photos of the hike the day after over at the Potholes and the Columbia Wildlife Refuge.

Melinda Mueller at WordsWest

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Melinda Mueller C&P Coffeehouse WordsWest

A wonderfully attentive crowd for WordsWest and a particularly nice evening to find that the C & P Coffeehouse has been saved from development by neighbors pitching in to buy it.

Diane Aprile and Melinda Mueller braided their readings on the theme of “Who Tells Her Story?”. I’ll be looking forward to Dianne’s memoir she was reading being published.

We managed to get two short snippet of Melinda reading from Mary’s Dust. The first is Mary Easty, and the second is Anna Maria dal Violin, which you can read in Poetry Northwest (as well as hear some of Lori Goldston’s music).

And we’ll also add in our film on the book by Christian Anderson, in the event you have not seen it.

A sweet night at Margin Shift

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Goldston and Mueller Margin Shift Seattle

Lori Goldston and Melinda Mueller tried a new format for reading at this month’s Margin Shift, with Lori playing and Melinda reading over, through and around Lori’s compositions. It was an invigorating interpretation of their work together in Mary’s Dust.

Thanks to Common Area Maintenance for hosting. It makes me so happy that spaces like this still exist in Belltown.

Ellensburg Poetry Prowl

By | Fests and Book Events

Ellensburg Poetry Prowl 2018

Two Entre Ríos authors will be participating in the Ellensburg Poetry Prowl. Maya Jewell Zeller and Melinda Mueller will be speaking on the same panel on Saturday, April 7th. There’s a great line up all day in one of our favorite Washington towns— except for that incessant wind! So leave your hat at home and mark this one on your calendar.

Schedule is not released yet, but you can take a look at the many readers on their event website site >>> https://www.inlandpoetry.com

Syrinx Effect: “positive role models for young, aspiring female musicians”

By | Music

A swell article about our friends, Syrinx Effect, in this month’s Earshot Jazz. Paul Rauch writes, “The intersection of saxophone, trombone, and an unexplored electronic canvas has provided an abstract poetic base to pursue textural and melodic outbursts, influenced by the ambient sounds of the world around them.”

The new album! The new album! A Sky You Could Strike a Match On. Here’s the link: http://www.syrinxeffect.com/bandcamp/

I think the best thing in this article was this bit, “Beyond breaking down genre barriers, Olson and Siegel are clearly seen as positive role models for young, aspiring female musicians, in a time when gender barriers appear to be falling in the jazz community.”

Check out our audio page to download the Syrinx Effect’s “Song for Dead Sparrow” written in response to Melinda Mueller’s poemThe After.

Sarah Lintakoon: 2018 Emerging Vision Filmmaker

By | Film

Sarah Lintakoon 2018 ERB Emerging Visions Filmmaker AwardWe are excited to announce our 2018 Emerging Vision Filmmaker, Sarah Lintakoon.
Sarah is a sophomore at the DigiPen Institute of Technology in Redmond, Washington. She’s studying digital animation and is quite a talented artist, which you can check out on her Instagram account, @strato_cat

Sarah will be responding to the questions posed in our forthcoming (and first) play, Vicinity/Memoryall, by Christine Deavel and J.W. Marshall. What is an appropriate memorial? How are public memorials to both large scale and personal violence different or similar? How would you want to be memorialized? We’ll be sharing Sarah’s film later this fall and you’ll have a chance to talk to her about the film at the premiere of the play.

Sarah is just our second award winner. Learn more about the award here, and see our first award-winner, Rebecca Starkey‘s, film here.