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The Birds of Rome

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Birds of Rome Cover In addition to our books, we are working with the authors we publish to create a bit of ephemera for your briefest reading pleasure.

This week, we received our first one back from the printer, “The Birds of Rome” by Melinda Mueller. Originally published in “Looking Together: Writers on Art” by the University of Washington and the Frye Art Museum, we are pleased to re-present this poem in this tidy format. We might recommend reading this poem with a glass of wine while watching the sun set and the shadows lengthen on rooftops.


Excited to Support Poetry NW!

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Entre Rios Books Ad Poetry NorthwestOur second ad is out in the new issues of Poetry Northwest! Lot’s of good stuff in it including some Carl Philips and Felicia Zamora. We’re also fans of Brian Tierney, so nice to see new work by him. This issue has a focus on translation, so I am looking forward to spending more time sitting out in the garden and thinking. We’re interested and planning on bringing out bilingual editions of contemporary Argentinian poetry in 2108, so as always, if you or someone you know, is working on translating this work, we would love to hear from you.

Scores in Poetry Books

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Our thought is that perhaps this doesn’t happen enough. We will be printing a score by Syrinx Effect in our next book, The After. This piece, “Song for Dead Sparrows” was commissioned for the book. It is, in turns, discordant, angry, somber, and mysterious: it’s modern jazz! We love and it and think you will too.

During our reading events this fall, we will be giving out full size replicas of the original hand-drawn score by saxophonist, Kate Olson. So you will want to check out our Facebook page, entreriosbooks, for all the current readings.

And as a note, the thing I am absolutely finding most challenging in publishing is the long printing and marketing deadlines and planning required to pull it off. Mostly a vast struggle! But behold, this piece is back from the printer three months before we need it! Success! Now to get that book out the door.

Kate Olson Syrinx Effect Jazz The After

In the Studio for “The After”

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Naomi Moon Siegel recording "The After" at Skoor Sound.

Naomi Moon Siegel recording “The After” at Skoor Sound.

Our next book was read in the studio yesterday, with the amazing Naomi Moon Siegel behind the controls and dials! We’re so excited to ship “The After” with a CD containing a song commissioned by the Syrinx Effect, a reading of the book-lenght poem by Melinda Mueller, and one additional surprise file that’s guaranteed to smash your heart to bits.

We’re finalizing production and will begin shipping “The After” at the end of September. It will make a special gift for anyone in your life with an interest in poetry and how we’re telling the story of the current mass extinction we’re responsible for.

Winners for Claudia Rankine drawing!

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xzgke5opnb0kWe are thrilled to announce our drawing for the Claudia Rankine reading!

Congratulations to Melissa who wins our two tickets to see Ms. Rankine on Friday night. Further congratulations to Whitney and Dan who will both receive a copy of our latest book, “Popular Songs: The Political Poems of 1819-1820″.

Bar del Corso’s Spring Gift Pop-Up: April 24

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We will once again be pairing with Entre Ríos artist, Nia Michaels at a Bar del Corso gift pop up. Last year, we went to three gift sales to hawk some books.. and we can assure you this one is the best. It’s humanely scaled, they have delicious cocktails and bites to eat, and the selection is well-currated with plenty of beautiful things you might want to give to YOUR MOTHER.  Right?  This one happens before Mother’s Day, so you can come get her some nice earrings and our new edition of Shelley for those afternoon she wants to take to the cobblestones to bring down the regime!

For more information on other vendors, check out their event Facebook page: Bar del Corso Spring Gift Pop Up! 

Popular Songs: A Short Delay!

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We are sad to announce that we will have a short delay on Popular Songs: The Political Poems of 1819-1820 by our man, Shelley.  Alas, there was a glitch that can sometimes happen between paper stock (ours is luscious) and presses.  So while we work that out with our press, we can always look on the bright side and say, “We have seen the book and you will love it!” and we can also say, as new publishers might, “Wow. We did not see that typo before!”  I think the cliché being, Every dark cloud has a silver lining…

We will update the shipping date when we have it, but we’re hoping April 22. Of course, pre-orders will be shipped the day this book arrives as we can’t wait to get this in the mail to you.

Here's a bit of the interior spread, though in this picture you might also see the mechanical crease that won't be in the books we're shipping!

Here’s a bit of the interior spread, though in this picture you might also see the mechanical crease that won’t be in the books we’re shipping!



William the Poet at the Jackson Street Jazz Walk!

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Publisher by day, community organizer by night… or perhaps the other way around, it was my great pleasure to sponsor the appearance of William the Poet at the Jackson Street Jazz Walk. In our poetry-centric view of the world, I’d consider him a cool part of the scene and he is easy to find at farmer’s markets plying the trade with poems made while you wait or shop for radishes and kale. I am guessing he makes more money that many fancy-shmancy poets out there. I would guess he makes more money than we’ll ever see. Hmmmm… maybe we need a career change!?!

So it delights me very much to bring to the Central District, home of Entre Ríos Press, for a little street-livening!

You can see more of his work on his Instagram, William Curtis.

And do get in touch, if you are looking for an on-demand poet for your next event. I’ve got his contact information and can recommend him.

Here is his poem that he wrote for me based on the word, “Jazz”.