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Alchemy for Cells in the High Desert Journal

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“Zeller and DeBacker present a visual jigsaw puzzle, one that ultimately paints a scene of a roaring and whispering beast alongside a “sweet girl made of March light through a seed pod,” alongside watercolor hummingbirds, and hammers for heads—a book of undeniable strangeness. It delves without fear, or, rather, with a reasonably wild fear, into our increasingly unpredictable climate situation and our currently harrowing political climate”— Tor Strand on Alchemy for Cells & Other Beasts

Read the full review in the High Desert Journal.

Oh, What Sweet Cookbooks!

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Cookbooks Les Editions de l'Epure

Saw this hand-sewn single ingredient cookbooks at Artazart bookstore along the St. Martin canal in Paris. One needs to cut the pages apart due to the print/fold, so I couldn’t get a good look at the recipes until I got home. But they’re smartly laid out, nice materials, and would make charming gifts.

Of course I bought the book on anchovies, but also more interestingly, “l’air”— imagine soufflés and foam.

A very sweet idea done well.

Les Éditions de l’Épure: www.epure-editions.com

Melinda Mueller and Lori Goldston at Elliot Bay Books

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It was a real treat tonight to once again get Melinda and Lori together to read and perform from Mary’s Dust. Thanks to Elliot Bay Books for hosting this event!

Quite an opener!

Melinda Mueller and Lori Goldston at Elliot Bay Books

Melinda Mueller and Lori Goldston

Lori Goldston playing “Songs for Mary’s Dust”

Melinda Mueller signing books

Hear Melinda Mueller on KUOW

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Elizabeth Austen discussed the new book by Melinda Mueller, Mary’s Dust, with Bill Radke on the Noon Hour.

They discuss the poem, “Covert Arts”, about three different Marys in the Civil War and how the women in the poem overcome the constraints of their time and are both seen and unseen.

Listen to the ten minute segment on KUOW. This poem is so fierce.

Interesting Narrow Format

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Iperborea Italian Norwegian Book Format

It’s been interesting scanning bookstores in Milan. The covers are generally more sedate than trends in US book covers. One thing I very much liked were these skinny paperbacks. They measure 4″ x 7.75″ and for certain types of poetry or prose poems, could be very eye-cathing and fun.

I picked this book up at Tempo Ritrovato Libri in Milan, which is a very nice bookstore specializing in Small Press books.

Publisher of this translation is Iperborea Casa Editrice.

Maya Jewell Zeller & Ellen Welcker at Open Books!

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Thanks to everyone that came out for our first reading of Alchemy for Cells & Other Beasts in Seattle. And hurrah for Ellen Welcker joining in…her newest book was slightly delayed, you will want to find it at Open Books early next year.

One of the bonuses of last night was that we got to finally meet Rebecca Starkey, our first Emerging Visions Filmmaker Award winner. See her film HERE.

Photo of everyone by Gabrielle Bates of Open Books.

Ellen Welcker, Maya Jewell Zeller, Carrie DeBacker, Rebecca Starkey at Open Books