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Short Run!

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We were at our first Short Run as an exhibitor (and sponsor, too).

Wow. It is a very different experience sitting on that side of the table. Next year, I must take helpers as I got to see so little of the rest of the show and it’s always inspiring— so much talent and dreams crammed in Fisher Pavilion!

Only picked up a few books— but notable was this sweet collection of plays by Two Plums Press. Their books are tiny, tiny type— but so interesting and oddball. I LOVE THEM. Go, Portland Presses, go!

Aaron Shurin at Open Books

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It’s not every day that one gets to introduce their first poetry crush. The truth is I started to tear up in my rambling introduction to Aaron Shurin!

It has been such a great honor to publish his work.

Thanks to Alex Vigue, who just had his first chapbook, The Myth of Man, published by our friends at Floating Bridge Press for opening the evening. And, of course, Open Books for being a fantastic host.

Aaron Shurin at Open Books

Recommended reading from Aaron Shurin (except that Clare is well, my own issue).

“Flowers & Sky”: An SPD Staff Pick

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We were honored to have Flowers & Sky: Two Talks be one of the SPD Staff picks this month. That means it’s 20% off all month long.

In FLOWERS & SKY: TWO TALKS Aaron Shurin deftly uses its eponymous subject matters to consider the poetics of a whole life, following out the flowers and skies in his actual experience, as well as the appearance of these words in his work. The talks are excellent examples of the lyric essay, a form that allows the writer the latitude to make prose sense in a poetic way. One of the advantages of the form, fully exploited by Shurin, is the opportunity to use wonderfully sounded language to make incantatory as well as logical sense. A danger can be the risk of being self-indulgently vague. Far from falling prey to this danger, this book is precise and rigorous in its examination of a writing practice and a series of lived incidents that both inspire and comprise that practice. As revelatory as they are expository, these talks, along with the poems and other material in the book, allow Shurin to celebrate (and demonstrate) his poetics with an honest zeal that seems to tell all. Who better, I thought reading and rereading the book, to fully present one’s poetics than oneself? This work is like a textbook of how to write about one’s poetics in a way that is serious, accurate, and engaging. Old poets thinking to write their memoirs and young ones to assert their own poetics should take notice. -Laura Moriarty


“Focused Grace”: A Bay Area Reporter Review

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“Aaron Shurin has produced a slim yet potent volume of significant yet delicately rendered prose and poetry that fans should enjoy slowly to savor the meaning behind his words” -Jim Piechota

There’s a new review of Aaron Shurin’s “Flowers & Sky” in the new Bay Area Reporter. Thanks for the kind words and the reminder to check out the audio download!

Read the whole review here: Focused Grace

Visiting our Distributor, SPD

By | Thoughts

Taking a much needed day off after three book launches in three different cities, we hoped on the BART and went to yet another city! Ha!

All I can say is I forget how hot and lovely it can be in San Francisco in October, when the weather has turned toward winter in Seattle.

We had a nice chat with Brent, Laura, and met the whole gang that has been helping us come up to speed with having a distributor. We did not get to see where our books FLY OFF THE SHELVES and into the hands of readers, but recognize some places are just better left to ones imagination. We did see endless shelves of small press books tended with care by this so important non-profit. Our literary scene would be so diminished without them.


Small Press Distribution: you can order books directly from them.

Visiting SPD! Brent and Laura with the Entre Ríos team!

Book Launch for Mary’s Dust

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We were pleased to once again be hosted by the Seattle Academy for Arts and Sciences for the book launch for Mary’s Dust, new poems by Melinda Mueller and music by Lori Goldston.

We also premiered the new film by Christian Anderson about the book! SEE IT HERE.

This space is definitely my favorite in town for holding a reading and a party! Perfect space downstairs, nice mixing space upstairs!

Thanks for everyone who came out in the blustery, terrible weather. What a stormy night!

Spokane! Book Launch for Alchemy for Cells & Other Beasts

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We had our first book event out of Seattle! A fantastic evening with Maya Jewell Zeller and Carrie DeBacker with special musical guest Liz Rognes.

The Bartlett is a fantastic space in Spokane and the folks their easy to work with and great problem-solvers when it came to our film we wanted to show. It could not have gone better! So thanks!

And thanks to all the listeners and readers in Spokane that came out for the show.

Maya Jewell Zeller Interview in Spokesman Review

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Spokesman Review Maya Jewell Zeller
Even the publisher learns new things when the interviews come out! So now I know the poems for Alchemy for Cells & Other Beasts started during piano lessons!

“…the poems in “Alchemy” in particular, partially because of the interdisciplinary influence, play with space and line and syntactical disruption and fragment in ways that a lot of other contemporary poets are also playing – this deconstructivist approach resulting, I think many of us would say, from a fractured political and social climate, and from the sense of disorder and stress that so many of us feel.”

Read the whole Interview here. SPOKESMAN REVIEW