100 Rooms


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Another poetic analysis of the everyday from the scientific-poetic performance group, the Vis-à-Vis Society!

In 2007, they took over the office of the Bridge Motel— for the one night art happening before the hotel was demolished for town homes— and checked guests into 100 imaginary rooms, matching guests based on surveys and requiring desposits. These 100 short poems are full of wit and charm but also pathos for our lives lived in rented rooms. We include about half of the deposits: it’s a bit of a time capsula with old bus tickets, concert stubs, scribbled notes and bubble gum. Our book highlights the poetic process of collaboration, not only between the members of Vis-à-Vis Soceity and the larger performance scene in Seattle, but between the willing guests seeking a room to inhabit.

We conclude with a recent interview between the Vis-à-Vis Soceity and DK Pan, the organizer of the event, reminiscing a bit but moving forward to talk about how gentrification is affecting artists today and affecting what is deemed possible.

All full color and, as with all our books, it comes with audio. In this case, we recorded the complete book— all 100 poems, the surveys, the interview + a bonus from back in the day!

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Publication Date

September 15, 2020