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Flowers & Sky: Two Talks


This item will be released on October 3, 2017.

Flowers & Sky: Two Talks brings together two lectures and a suite of unpublished poems by one of our finest lyric poets. These intimate talks use Aaron Shurin’s own work to illustrate the power and practice of image-making at the deepest level. The result is a continual act of discovery, part poetics, part literary autobiography, and part three-dimensional bibliography. The book includes a digital download of Aaron reading “Sometime of the Night” as well as the poems, bringing the work alive into full sonority.

With the talks, poems, and recording together, the book offers a short course in poetic practice, and a glimpse into a unique life making, and made by, art.

“What is a flower but a momentary eruption of streaming energy, of the power of generation and the condensation of senses into a fleeting burst of creative impulse, a poem blasting forth in temporal vibrations by which we might fall in love with the world again as though awakening from a dream.”

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5 x 7.25 / 60 pages

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October 3, 2017