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Second Art Christine Deavel John Marshall Theater

Second Act with Christine Deavel and J.W. Marshall

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Please join​ us to celebrate the publication of Vicinity/Memoryall, a play written by Christine Deavel and J.W. (John) Marshall, the former owners of Open Books.

Vicinity/Memoryall follows two characters as they move through a disorientingly changing urban landscape, seeking a memorial to an act of violence that ​stained​ their culture. They share the stage with a character whose quirky personal stories speak lyrically to their ​effort​. Christine and John will read from their​ play and read pieces of other plays they admire. T​hey ​will discuss the process that brought the play to life and to completion and hope to take questions and not be sorry they did. This event will include a viewing of a short film by Sarah Lintakoon, winner of the press’s 2018 Emerging Visions Filmmaker Award. Her film, Olive, draws on themes in Vicnity/Memoryall ​while​ wholly being a product of her own vision.

​Christine Deavel is employed as a Patient-and-Family Liaison at Harborview Medical Center. In 1995 she collaborated with J.W. Marshall, opening Open Books: A Poem Emporium which they ran until 2016. She has published poetry and prose in countless magazines and journals. Her full-length poetry collection, Woodnote, was published by Bear Star Press and won the Washington State Book Award for Poetry.

J.W. Marshall originally started Open Books as a small general bookstore in 1987. The store was moved to its current location when it was converted to poetry-only. After selling the store to current owner Billie Swift in 2016 he has kept house and happily found more time for reading and writing. Poetry and prose of his has been published in a wide variety of magazines and journals. His full-length poetry collection, Meaning a Cloud, won the Field Poetry Prize and was ​published by Oberlin College Press.

Christine and John co-wrote a chapbook of poetry, Work Together, in 2014. They hope to see their play produced in 2019, bringing new layers of collaboration into their creative process.

Jackson Street Jazz Walk

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We are a proud sponsor of this year’s Jackson Street Jazz Walk! Come on down to Jackson Street in Seattle’s Central District for a night of great music, including a jam with Julian Priester, the Pratt Fine Arts Center annual open house with the popular bronze pour, and good food at the many restaurants along Jackson.

For four years, I organized this event, but at the press continues to grow and demand full attention, I was so happy to hand this off to NW Jazz Vocalist of the year, Eugenie Jones. So if you’ve come before, expect some changes, but one thing that won’t change is a bit of poetry happening as well. We’ve had some GREAT poets in the past, including Freshest Roots and William Curtis, so this year it’s our privilege to bring M. Seven Brenner to Pratt. She’ll be making poems for you on her typewriter, so think of a topic and get a poem!

Independent bookstores are the BEST!

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We are so grateful to the support of our Seattle independent bookstores that help us get our books in front of potential readers!

Today, we give a shout of gratitude to Open Books: A Poem Emporium, Seattle’s poetry-only bookstore. A true community hub, we’re so happy to have all of our books stocked there, along with so many other talented local writers and presses.

Go get your poetry needs met there!

Afternoon Romantics

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Join Seattle poets and neighbors sharing their favorite poems by the Romantics! An afternoon with Wordsworth, Coleridge, Byron, Shelley, Keats, Leopardi (in the Italian!), some Finnish! and John Clare!

Readers include Christine Deaval, J.W. Marshall, Melinda Mueller, E. Briskin, Knox Gardner, Meg Olsen, Andy Nestigen, Victor Chudnovsky, Peter Gaucys and Riccardo Pieri.