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Amelia Rosselli’s “Obtuse Diary” at Open Books

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Thanks to Open Books for hosting the book launch for our new translation of Amelia Rosselli’s “Diario Ottuso/Obtuse Diary” by Deborah Woodard, Roberta Antognini and Dario De Pasquale. 

Here’s a short segment from the last section of the book, “Obtuse Diary” read by Deborah Woodard and actor, Riccardo Pieri.  I thought this presentation of a bilingual text was really effective and an imaginative way for an (primarily) English-listening audience to comprehend the meaning, while still hearing the sound of the work. 

Obtuse Diary Event

Book Launch: Obtuse Diary

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It’s our first translation project! And we could not be more excited and thankful to be working with Deborah Woodard, Roberta Antognini and Dario De Pasquale to bring out their translation of Amelia Rosselli’s Diario Ottuso. Read more about the book at the Open Book’s facebook event.