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Third Anniversary Reading

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Three years!

We were honored to be included in Hugo House’s inaugural season and delighted that we could present readers from past, present and future ERB books!

Pardon the photos— I certainly did not stand in the best space given the lighting and stage! But given the schedule Hugo House keeps, I am sure that in time, I’ll find the best spot to stand!

Thanks to Maya Jewell Zeller, Melinda Mueller, Christine Deavel, J.W. Marshall, Deborah Woodard, Riccardo Pieri and E. Briskin for reading work published with us or new work of theirs. We also thank Rachel Kessler who was representing the Vis-à-Vis Society, whose epic 100 Rooms is sure to be a big hit in 2019. And finally, we want to give a shout to Aileen Keown Vaux, who’s recently published Consolation Prize (Scablands Books) is one of my favorite books of 2018. So many of the other Washington small presses have been gracious with their knowledge, that it felt important to give a shout back!

We also had an opportunity to show one of our Emerging Vision Filmmaker films, so a another round of applause to Rebecca Starkey for her work considering Alchemy for Cells and Other Beasts and her mother!

Finally, that was a very full house and we appreciate very much all the readers who are finding our work and joining us in these events. THANK YOU.

A Maya Jewell Zeller + lovecrumbs Spectacular!

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All the way from Spokane, USA comes Maya Jewell Zeller, a poetic dynamo and modern-day sage, arriving in the United Kingdom for exactly 1 (one!) public performance of her knee-shaking work!

Her new book ALCHEMY FOR CELLS AND OTHER BEASTS was described as “imminently vibrant” and “casually elegant” in Tupelo Quarterly and “a fucking no-holds barred ecofeminist manifesto of grace and power” by me, just now.

The reading will be supported by performancey ready exhibitioney things produced by Harry Jelley and Ceilan Hunter-Green. This event is unticketed and free–just turn up for some after-hours nice times.

Sneak Peak: Carrie Debacker!

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Oh, book publishing… we have a book coming out in 2017. I can’t tell you the publication date. I can’t tell you the title. But what I can tell you that it is going to contain the incredible gauche on paper work of Carrie Debacker and the poems of Maya Jewell Zeller.

We just got the first bit of art shot for it and it looks incredible.

Carrie DeBacker Art Monarchs

If you are in Seattle and need to reproduce art work for your design project, we would highly recommend Art and Soul Photography in Ballard. Follow us on Facebook to get the most recent updates on this book!