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A mid-career retrospective of Shin Yu Pai


Genderqueer poem or novel?

A dazzling first book by Seattle's E. Briskin


Our Fifth Year

Learn about our new books and what lies ahead


Queer Ecopoetics

Poems by Knox Gardner and new music by Aaron Otheim.


Rational prose experiments by one of Italy's most distinctive and troubled Post-War voices, Amelia Rosselli. A bilingual edition with audio.


Collaboration & Ekphrasis

Poets and artists creating together.

We publish full-color books featuring artists of the Northwest working with our region's new and established poets.

Listen In

New Music and the Poet's Voice

All of our books come with an easy-to-download audio component. Hear music commissioned for specific titles and listen to the poets read their work or in conversations with other writers and artists.

Emerging Visions

Short Films by Washington State Women

We are actively looking for ways to encourage the growth and development of women artists and technicians traditionally underrepresented in the film and digital industry through our annual Emerging Visions project.

Recent Reviews

This is not a white-washed collection of lyric-narratives—rather, Mueller’s work enacts historical-poetic recovery. Mary’s Dust is a stay against that particularly American vice contemporary historians discuss: amnesia...

Hannah VanderHartUp the Staircase on "Mary's Dust"

The girls and women of these poems, both the speakers and the subjects, create the world by enticing readers to “unlace this alchemous beast/ with me.” As readers, we at once admire and feel ourselves drawn into this worldview. The best eco-poetry as well as ecofeminism grounds us, making us acutely aware of not just the body and place, but how we are entwined, with and not separate from nature.

Daniel CaseyTupelo Quarterly on "Alchemy for Cells & Other Beasts"

Zeller and DeBacker present a visual jigsaw puzzle, one that ultimately paints a scene of a roaring and whispering beast alongside a “sweet girl made of March light through a seed pod,” alongside watercolor hummingbirds, and hammers for heads—a book of undeniable strangeness. It delves without fear, or, rather, with a reasonably wild fear, into our increasingly unpredictable climate situation and our currently harrowing political climate.

Tor StrandHigh Desert Journal on "Alchemy for Cells & Other Beasts"

This work is like a textbook of how to write about one’s poetics in a way that is serious, accurate, and engaging. Old poets thinking to write their memoirs and young ones to assert their own poetics should take notice.

Laura MoriatrySPD Staff Picks on "Flowers & Sky: Two Talks"