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Ensō: 2021 Anna Rabinowitz Award Finalist

Shin Yu Pai’s “Ensō” was a finalist for Poetry Society’s 2021 Anna Rabinowitz Award. Award judge Lillian-Yvonne Bertram noted it for “its elegant collection of the artist’s interdisciplinary poetic projects collected and undertaken over time.”

Easily our most complicated project to date, it was nice to see a little recognition for this book that had to survive not only my near heart attack, my house catching on fire, and getting dropped right into the lockdowns of the pandemic! 

In working with Shin Yu, I hoped that we’d create a book that would be useful and inspiring to students by highlighting how poetry and poetic intention, and practice can appear in many guises and formats. I think this book does that beautifully. 

Like all our books, this comes with a set of audio— in this case, not only Shin Yu reading her essays and poems in the book, but music and installation projects she has created and collaborated on. Here is some of it on our Soundcloud. https://soundcloud.com/entreriosbooks/sets/enso

I am happy to send anyone interested in considering it for coursework a PDF or physical copy to review. Just drop me an email

I am grateful there are awards specifically interested in hybrid and genre-bending projects. Congratulations to Lauren Russell for her book Descent and all the other finalists. 

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