About Entre Ríos Books

We are an independent press publishing poetry, poetics, translations, and collaborations between poets and artists of all types.

We have a specific interest in publishing contemporary Argentinian poetry in bilingual editions.

Why “Entre Ríos” for a press based in Seattle?

Indeed, Entre Lagos would be more fitting. Entre Ríos is a province in Argentina and was one of three major destinations for Jewish immigrants escaping the pogroms of Russia and Ukraine at the end of the 19th Century.  So we take our name to honor some of our family history and ties to Argentina, but also to remain inspired of that potential of being “between rivers.”

The Masthead

Knox Gardner,  Publisher and Editor-in-Chief
Victor Chudnovsky, Publisher
Erin L. McCoy,  Acquisitions Editor, Argentinian Poetry

Financial Transparency

This press runs on personal tech money, pure and simple— it gives us the money to publish what we want when we can. With the freedom that comes with not needing a double income thanks to Victor's day job, Knox is able to take time to work on printing and promoting writers and artists whose work we value. Gay-owned and queerly run.


We are currently not accepting unsolicited proposals. The pandemic was a complete disaster for us and we're still trying to figure out what this means for our press in the future. Please do not send us your manuscripts right now.

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You can find our books through Asterism. Based in Seattle, it is the easiest way for trade, librarians, and readers of wide interests in poetry to place bulk orders, get class discounts, and prepare for events with our authors.

Proud Member of CLMP (Community of Literary Magazines and Presses) and NOTIS (Northwest Translators and Interpreters Society).


Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us for more information on class discounts, scheduling our authors for your workshops or classes, or our participation in your community events.

We also are more than delighted to offer book recommendations or to offer any assistance you might need to hear our audio downloads!

Phone: +1 206 351 5759
Email: knox@entreriosbooks.com

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