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In the Studio: Amelia Rosselli's "Obtuse Diary"

We had an interesting morning at Jack Straw recording selections from our forthcoming translation of Amelia Rosselli’s “Diario Ottuso” or “Obtuse Diary”. Translator, Deborah Woodard, read the English version while translator, Dario De Pasquale, read the original Italian.

Our book will ship with over 40 minutes of audio and will be available later this fall. Running a bit behind, but trying to get it on press this month!

Listen in as they read a section from “First Italian Prose.”

My favorite part of the session was watching Dario get quite tongue-tied with Rosselli’s difficult syntax and unusual constructions. You’ll love this audio and be sure to check out our other audio on Soundcloud.

Learn more about Amelia Rosselli at Poetry Foundation or at Wikipedia.

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