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"Olive" by Sarah Lintakoon

We are so pleased to share with you our 2018 Emerging Visions Film by Sarah Lintakoon. Her film, “Olive,” is a response to the play Vicinity/Memoryall by Christine Deavel and J.W. Marshall. She had the opportunity to meet the authors to talk about themes and ideas, and she got to see first hand the types of edits that happen heading into production and that process.

Other than that, our process is pretty hands off except checking in to make sure she had what she needed. We are excited to see a film with issues that this her generation is at the forefront of—  transexual acceptance (and alas, the brutality and risk in so much of our society)— and we were interested in the ways she wove her own cultural heritage into the story.

We are so grateful to Sarah for her time on this project and wish her the best of luck in whatever she endeavors as she finishes her degree!

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