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Alchemy for Cells & Other Beasts

Alchemy for Cells & Other Beasts

Maya Jewell Zeller

Art by Carrie DeBacker

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Alchemy for Cells & Other Beasts charts a course into magical waters, anchoring itself in the frightening politicization of a woman’s body. The chemistry of this conversation between Spokane Poet, Maya Jewell Zeller, and Seattle artist, Carrie DeBacker, includes pomegranates for human heads, bones that can walk, and a ship sprung from a person’s back, “floating farther from shore.” The speaker in these incantations, behind these urgent watercolors, muses on the philosophies of geologic time, climate change, human genomes, and existential destruction. This book sets out to discover meaning in this terrible, beautiful time  —  and suggests wonder is where we’ll find it: “the diagnosis is strong / for the wild & wind mills.”

We are proud to bring out this troubling work of eco-feminism in gorgeous full color. It may well be the most colorful poetry book you buy all year, but don’t be fooled, it’s an intense work of anxiety in an age of political and environmental upheaval.

As per all of our books, it comes with an easy to download audio file. In this case, poet Maya Zeller, reads all the wild and feral poems in the book!


A downloadable file of this audio can be found on our audio page.


Here's a video by Rebecca Starkey, our first film award! AMAZING!


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ISBN: 9780997395730
Paper, 6 x 9, 70 pgs, full color, audio
Publication Date: