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The After

The After

Melinda Mueller

Art by Karinna Gomez

Music by Kate Olson & Naomi Moon Siegel

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The first book by Seattle poet Melinda Mueller since her award-winning What the Ice Gets. The After is a single poem, “Sorrowing the world” we will alter and leave unseen. A meditation on extinction and the Anthropocene, it blends science and poetry with an urgency of heartbreak.

Interspersed with the poem is the stunning subarctic art of Karinna Gomez, a printmaker currently teaching in Alaska, all presented in full color.

The book ships with a CD with music by the Seattle experimental jazz duo Syrinx Effect (Kate Olsen and Naomi Moon Siegel), commissioned for The After. We are also pleased to present the author reading her work.


The only way to get the entire recording as conceptualized is to buy the book for the CD, which is where we have rights for over 10 minutes of extinct Dusky Sparrow bird song. However, the audio download includes both Melinda reading the poem and the music of the Syrinx Effect.

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ISBN: 9780997395716
Paper, 8 x 6", 72 pgs, audio CD in flap pocket
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