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Seven Prayers to Cathy McMorris Rodgers

Seven Prayers to Cathy McMorris Rodgers

Kate Lebo

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“…exactly what a political poem should be: it is reasonable, and passionate, and meaningful.” — Paul Constant, Seattle Review of Books.

To be clear, a gay-owned press that doesn’t rabble rouse a bit is no friend of mine, and oh, these poems! From the moment we saw Kate Lebo‘s prayers, we were smitten, and so it is a great honor and privilege to collect them into one reasonably priced, ready-to-give to the people—”may they find their freedom from Cathy McMorris Rodgers” package—  and to get them out into the world!

Kate Lebo writes openly and honestly. She sings the songs of liberation! She is the hammer of freedom! She bakes pie like a boss and drinks a bit of whiskey. “I used myself roughly and I / enjoyed it,// drank milk and whiskey/ and assumed these pleasures were normal.”

Whether it is health care, marriage, or the role of women in politics or society, she reminds us and her representative that decisions in the other Washington have a tangible impact here in our state, no matter the posturing for power and riches Congresswoman Rodgers seeks on the backs of the hard-working women (and men) of her district.

We want you to copy these. We want you to pass them around. We want you to sing them to your neighbors. We want you to VOTE.

And so while we ask you to buy these from us to help us get them into the local bookshops and coffee shops all through the FIFTH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT, we are also ready to answer all reasonable requests for free copies in the Fifth.  Please email us directly at for discounts for ten copies or more and to query for free copies. For our readers outside of Fighting Fifth, we ask that you kindly purchase your copies to help us fund our free copies.

Our first chapbook is saddle-stitched, contains twenty pages, and complete audio.

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ISBN: 9780997395785

Stapled, 4.75 x 8.75, 20 pgs, audio

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